Monday, March 25, 2013

My Weekend: A New Fave Spot

Happy New Week Everyone!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had a laid back chill weekend. 

Spent Saturday just doing what we call 'tatafo' shopping (when you really don't need anything, but just have that itch to shop) at the mall with my sister-friend. Then, I sat at the salon while Oga got his hair cut. I have to say that the precision and attention to detail kinda skills required to give a hair cut and not cause some major damage to a person's head is no joke lol. No profession is easy; every job requires a skill of some sort.

Speaking about jobs and skills the politics that transpires in the work place sometimes can be very annoying and frustrating. You do all this work, make all the extra sacrifices but when time for evaluation come na another story person dey hear. Dem go talk all these nice things about you, how you are this and that, and everybody is ohh-ing and ahh-ing over working with you but the grade when dey paper no correspond with all the mouth-washing. *sigh* Makes me wonder that maybe the saying that nice people finish last is indeed true. Well na God get power pass them.

I've been having really nice dates with God recently. We meet up regularly at different spots - which is usually everywhere and anywhere. But on Sundays, our favorite spot is this place He showed me a few weeks ago called Brooklyn Tabernacle (BT). It's a really popularly spot, and that initially had me worried because I'm kind of like a jealous lover and I worry about getting lost in a big spot like BT and not getting that special connection with Him. So far, that hasn't happened at BT. The choir is amazing and the sermons are well delivered - which for me means, I'm not being yelled at, I'm not constantly being bombarded with topics on prosperity and material things in life. And leave understanding the message and eager for more. If you are ever in the NY area you should check it out; and they recently just started streaming services online

Its March and I am still looking for a good devotional! My dear people of Blogsville, help a sister out. What devotionals do you all use? I know most of you use one...why hoard it? Sharing is caring biko!

Its funny how certain things you think you can't live without, you actually can. I haven't had a TV for the past three months! For someone who couldn't sleep without a tv being on in the background...this is a huge change lol. There were times when I'd take a cab home from work just to make it in time for my favorite shows. The TV is sitting on the floor looking at me. I'm just not ready to pay monthly cable bill yet abeg...until then I will watch Scandal, Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice online and I will be alright :) 

So tell me, what can't you live without for three months plus? TV? Make-up? Chocolate? Instagram? Twitter?

It's always a pleasure to read your comments. So do leave one! :)

Have a blessed week ahead!



TayneMent said...

I use The Word Among Us. It's a catholic based devotional that anyone can use but I know some non catholics (if you are non catholic) are wary of our stuff but man the words in it, speak to me.

Myne Whitman said...

Everyday with Jesus is good, and man, I don't think I can live without the internet.

Madame Sting said...

I haven't had cable for over 2 yrs, so I don't watch tv, don't use make up, not on instagram, can do without twitter and hardly ever eat chocolate. I can do without a lot of things for 3 months except my computer. I can even do without my phone. I guess I am a minimalist.

Nkaytchee said...

I use 'open heavens'. its an RCCG devotional. I dont think i can survive without the internet, music, my mobile

TemiY said...

I hardly watch shows when they air; usually leave that for the weekend when I have time, but.... I cannot live without my iPod/music for 3 months, can't even imagine it.

LohiO said...

I use Joyce Mayers: promises for your everyday life. If you have the You Version bible app. you should be able to get it for free. I also use Rick Warrens Daily devotional also through You version.

I cannot live without the internet for 3 months. I cannot live without taking pictures of food; or pictures in general.