Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shame on Me...

Ahoy! How's everyone doing? Happy Hump Day to you all! Two more days till the weekend...can't really complain because the weather has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g here in NYC. Talk about upper 60's, and even 70's kinda weather...this def makes me a happy camper! Apologies for not putting up a post yesterday (Tuesday) like I've been doing for the past 2-3 weeks but I'm here now :) So let's talk me darlings...

I'm not one to go up to the pulpit or even just stand up to give testimonies in church. I get shy, and sometimes worry that it's too tiny a thing bother people with, or that there are people who might be hurting and this (my testimony) just might do more harm than good. Rewind to Dec 31st, 2011, E and I went to his church for midnight service. A very small Redeemed parish by his house, the kind where everybody pretty much knew everyone...his Mom is a worker in church too. 
Come testimony time, and E's like you should go up and give thanks, it's been a good year for you. I want to, I know I should but I look around and I'm worried that I might be showing off, that in a small community where people are just managing to get by I shouldn't rub my blessings in. Next thing, two different people go up thanking God for their red passports, another for job promotions, for acceptance into college, for good health etc... *sigh* What an idiot I was! Hoarding what God had given me thinking it was 'too much', meanwhile He's doing the same and more for people who I had wrongly judged. Shame on me!

I don't jump up in church every Sunday now, but what I learnt from that day was to not be selfish with my praise and thanks to God for His blessings towards me. No matter how little (or big) I might think it is, He is worthy of ALL praise! So today, I just want to say THANK YOU Lord for giving me a job! Today makes it one year since I started working here. I interviewed for this job Dec. 2010 (a week before I graduated) but didn't get it because I was going to be away in Nigeria all of January. They hired someone else, and I came back from Nigeria and was looking elsewhere...then they called me back mid February when a second opening came up. I didn't have the experience, but they trained me on the job. 

I have friends who I graduated with who still can't find jobs...and it breaks my heart! But I keep believing that their testimony will come; but I've run out of words of encouragement for them and all I can do is pray, and pray that they don't give up on themselves.

Lord, words cannot express how grateful I am for ALL that you do and have done in my life. I am undeserving, but somehow your mercy seeks me out when I cower and hide, and you shower me with your grace from day to day. Father, we do not question you nor do we doubt you but we trust in your perfect timing! While we wait for that time I beg that you please give all those waiting on you for their testimony (jobs, good health, fruit of the womb, salvation, etc) the patience and strength to keep holding on and trusting you becos sometimes it ain't easy. But with you, we shall overcome in Jesus name. Amen.

Speaking of waiting for something...I've been waiting for something for about 3+ years, and tomorrow is D day. I'm trying not freak out, or be overly anxious because it's really out of my hands lol. I've done my part; crossed my t's, dotted my i's and now (just as its always been) it's in God's hands to finish what He has started. If When all goes as planned, it'll be a new phase in my life. :)

Neways, thanks for sharing in my thankful post today :) I appreciate, and look forward to sharing in yours! Have a wonderful day, and hope you enjoy this song it's one of my current favs!!!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!!! 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Should Know That I...

Y'ello there...

How's everyone doing? Hope your week has been great so far!
Me? Well I'm aiight, I'm alive and THANKFUL! I can't complain.

I got nominated by two bloggers for the Versatile Blogger award, which simply requires me to share 7 random things about myself, thank the bloggers who nominated me and then continue the chain by nominating 15 bloggers. Well before I share my randoms, I wanna say thank you to MsInfamous and Chocolate Diva ...I appreciate. Since I'm not sure which blogger has already done this, I'm going to simply just keep the nominations open to every and any one who is interested. If you would like to do this, go ahead and consider yourself nominated! :) On that note, here we go:

- Mushrooms: I don't eat mushrooms. I don't know what they taste like, but I think I've been scared with seeing mushrooms grow on trees, and random gross places in Nigeria that I just don't even want to try 'em. 

- Rings: Cocktail rings. I love 'em. They add personality, and spunk to an outfit, whether simple or heavily dressed. I can't wait to have enough dresser space to put up a nice jewelry box to display my rings. Here are a few in my collection:

Looking to expand and add...elephants, flowers, butterflies etc

- Tear-fall: I try to put up a tough-skin, but I'm such a softie. It's either that or my tear ducts are over active, because I tear up so much! Watching Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Extreme Home Makeover, romantic movies, even the episode of RHOA when Kim's daughter spoke about how nice a guy Troy was and yadi yadi yada at the baby shower, I cried with them. But when it comes to my personal stuff, I hold it in and try to be tough till I've reached my breaking point then I breakdown in tears.     

- Books: The last book I read was The Help. I enjoyed it. I used to read a lot of books in high-school, but I lost my reading mojo, and I've never been able to get it back. I keep asking for people to recommend good reads for me. Nothing dreary or dark. I want inspiring, happy, comedic or entrepreneur related books please! Thanks.

- Talk: Ok don't freak out about this, but I would like to talk to a therapist sometime. I know we Nigerians have this biased view of therapy sessions, and all but I wanna try it. Just sitting down, talking to a total stranger, and unloading on worries of being judged (I have no personal attachment to them so whether they judge inwardly or not ain't my business) or criticized. I guess I watch wayyy too much Private Practice huh? lol
Twitter Addict! :) 

- Ride: I don't think I know how to ride a bicycle x_x. I never got to take off the training wheels on my bike then for fear of falling of and hurting myself. I wish I had a brother or male cousins around (more often) when I was growing up who would have forced me to be a lil' more daring :) Now I wish I could ride...maybe this Summer...maybe.

- Travel: I love to travel but I never do. Initially, I couldn't afford it, now I can save up and travel but getting my friends to want to go na problem. This will sound silly, but I'll be hesitant to get married if I haven't traveled/visited a few places first. Why? Because I don't want to get married and get tied up with raising a family, work, wife duties that we won't be able to travel due to schedule, finances and all that other stuff. Call me crazy, but we must do some traveling first, so it becomes a habit before we build our family and then we can go on family vacations once a year...even if its a road trip. I want my children to want to explore and expand more than I did. Considering a St Thomas, Virgin Islands trip this year :)


-  "Kk": I just can't with this! I don't mind when a person responds with 'Kk', I use it sometimes too, but what ticks me the f*** off is when I say 'Ok', and the person responds with 'Kk'! Like what are Kk-ing to?! Ughhhhh! Let me give you an example:
X: Heyy, what are you up to?
Y: Nothing much, just got home need to grab something to eat i'm hungry
X: Oh ok
Y: Kk

Responding to Ok with Kk is a no-no. Respond with something else or don't respond at all...or if you're busy or not in the mood to talk let the other person know. This just really annoys me lol and gets me so mad don't know why.

Anyways, there you go guys! 7 random things! If you wanna do this feel free to! It's Wednesday guys, two more days till the weekend. :) 

Have a great day!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!