Friday, November 30, 2012

Remembering Young Love...

Hi Guys!!!

TGIF! Hope everyone had an amazing, kick-ass week?! I keep saying to myself it's been a minute I put up a post, I really should blog, but then I find myself going blank on what exactly to blog about; that won't bore y'all, and so far I have no clue but I decided to blog here goes nothing!

I had a mini-reunion the other day with about five of my high-school class mates. We decided to meet up for dinner since one of us was visiting from Naij. I had a good time, catching up and all. I still pinch myself sometimes when I see us all grown, working, running homes and being women. I can still vividly remember the first day we checked into boarding house, getting punished by Seniors, bailing out of school to attend parties...being young, and carefree. *sigh* how time flies. #Thankful for the people I have met through my sec school experience, the friendships, the life lessons etc.

Speaking of being young and carefree, I was talking with my close friend the other day and we were reminiscing on how different 'young love' is compared to being in love/being in a relationship now that we're a bit older, and more mature. Then we used to do silly things like writing poems, love letters, talking for hours (sweet nothings!), making slideshows with pics and music, saying I love you twenty times a day just because that's how you felt and you deeply meant it, just loving freely without over analyzing, no rules, just love. 
Now, there's so much to think about that that 'young love' feeling is almost absent. Things that we weren't thinking about/considering before...are we compatible as life partners? Can I get along with his family? Do we have the same values/goals? Do I fit into plans? What can I compromise on? What can't I compromise on? How does he handle certain issues? Will he be faithful? Will he make a good father? Is he financially stable? Does he have potential/drive? Is he putting this drive into action or is it all talk? Are we spiritually strong? Is he motivating/challenging you to be better?...and the list goes on and on lol. 

I remember when I was much younger I used to say I couldn't understand how and why people found it hard picking a husband or wife. To me it was as simple as if you like someone and they ask you to marry them, you simply say yes. Oh to be young and naive! lol

Lots of people getting married, and having babies! I love babies and I love weddings! Pinterest sure helps in fueling my love for weddings too. But I know for sure I'm not mentally ready for marriage. For people who are married (MyneWhitman :) ), did you know you were ready? Can you explain what that felt like? 

Ok enough about weddings, marriage and all. Christmas is around the corner, and this will be Chairman's first Christmas here. I haven't gone gift shopping, don't know what to get him...actually I think I do. As for me I really don't know what I want...I've been eyeing this Steve Madden bag (below), this Tommy Hilfiger bag (looks better in person), the MK watch (below), and I've always wanted a necklace from Tiffany's (I have a thing for white gold, silver...) Which of the bags do you guys prefer? 

Steve Madden Bgambit Satchel

Michael Kors Watch

I haven't spent Christmas in NY in about 3 years. I need to make a list of fun Christmas-sy things to do and see with Chairman for the holidays.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, well relaxing weekend!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!



NikkiSho said...

uhmmm i like both but i prefer the one from steve madden.

LohiO said...

I think people know when they are ready...its so hard picking a partner. sigh. life issues. I miss being a baby!!! i like the bag

Myne Whitman said...

And you had to go and call me out :)

To be honest, it wasn't about being ready but about meeting the right person. I had been independent, made my own money, had lived and dealt with roommates, had got my parents to regard me as an adult, so in that sense I was ready. But I also had to know how to reach out, ask for and take, when what I wanted came by. That how included learning to be vulnerable while being strong and being open and honest. When I could do that easily, I knew I was with my partner and friend for life. The rest is a day to day work in progress.

NikkiSho said...

Happy New Year!

Wanitez john said...
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