Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Her (My) Wedding Dress...

Hi Guys, 

Hope everyone's week got off to a great start! This is my last work week till the New Year. I have no travel plans, but I'm glad to not have to go to work or wake up early :)

I know the shows Bachelor and Bachelorette are considered extra cheesy and slightly scripted by quite a handful of people, but I can't help but watch the shows. What can I say? I love Love, and I love seeing people in love or at least trying to find love. I also get to live vicariously through the contestants who get the amazing opportunity to travel to wonderful places all over the world for free! I don't mind doing the show, for the travelling alone.

So on Monday was the wedding of Ashley and JP from a few seasons back. Again, I know celebrity and reality show marriages are not known for their longevity, but for once I pray that these two last. They seem so real, so happy and in love. I think they'll last because unlike other couples, they really aren't in the spotlight, and they've dated for almost two years post Bachelorette, so they've had enough time in the real world to work through their differences and the usual relationship hurdles. I'm rooting for them!

Anyhoos, the wedding was picture perfect and the couple looked great - smiling from ear to ear. But like I told my Mom, having the wedding of your dreams at no expense to you whatsoever, is definitely enough to make any couple cheese so hard through out the ceremony. I have to say my favorite part of the wedding was Ashley's dress. I think I was also drawn to the dress not just because of the style, but because I'm just like Ashley size wise, except I have some major boobage going on. So I'm always extra excited when I see a petite bride, in a dress that enhances her every curve; and Ashley's dress did just that.


Photo Courtesy: ABC

The dress was custom designed by Randi Rahm, and is rumoured to have cost $75,000. I scoured the web trying to find better pics of the dress but can't seem to find any :( But hopefully you get the gist of the dress from the pic above. I know I mentioned I wasn't ready for marriage in my last post lol but I have an idea of what my wedding  dress would look like and this dress comes close in terms of the style but not the price tag lol. Only thing missing is lace. I love me some lace fabric...there's something classy and sexy about lace. It reminds me of old Hollywood, women of elegance and a time when a woman can be sexy without having to be naked, or overly revealing...and that's what I want to capture on that day. 

Do you know what you want your wedding dress to look like yet? If you don't you should probably get on Pinterest. Pinterest definitely helps in fueling wedding fever lol. So many gorgeous pictures, wonderful tips and ideas for weddings and everything else.

 I wish Ashley and JP the very best! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!


'Lara said...

I still have no idea what kind of wedding dress I want, but I know for sure nothing boobs-revealing.

The dress is cute and I wish them all the best.

aeedeeaee said...

I have a sketch of my wedding dress lol

All the best to Ash and JP :)

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TayneMent said...

You know, I actually watched this. Well i dvr'd it cuz i was gonna be in Naij.I actually don't watch the bachelor but I remember watching Trista and Ryan's wedding (she was the first bachelorette) and 10 years and 2 kids later they are still together. so I wish the same for JP and Ashley.