Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My 1st...Black Friday

Hello there me Darlings,

Hope everyone is enjoying the Thanksgiving break, and taking sometime to be thankful, get some rest and be with family and loved ones. My extended family here in the Amerix is all over the country so ermm there won't be any big thanksgiving family gathering. My Mom will be working, so I'll be home by meself. Not complaining, I'm used to it. 

Since my Mom's working on Thursday, decided to take her to go see the Radio City Music Hall show on Friday when she's off. I've never really done Christmas-y things in NY, and I think NY is one of the best cities during Christmas 'cos the lights, themed store windows, and just the holiday spirit in general. Looking forward to the show. If you're in the area, I think it's something you should check-out. Link here >>>

I've never woken up to shop on black Friday. The only time I've been up for black Friday was when I used to work in retail, and even then I worked in the cash-office and not on the sales floor so I never really experienced the madness. Well this year, I'll be shopping or at least trying to *sigh*. I'm not going to camp out and join the stampede, but I'll be out early and hopefully I get what I'm looking for. What you ask? Two main things: A tablet and a camera. My camera got missing during my b'day celebration in July and I had my graduation pics on it that I hadn't uploaded :'( (priceless memories). And yeah, I want a tablet. I don't necessarily need one. I think. Trying to decide between the Blackberry Playbook, iPad, and Amazon Kindle Fire. I honestly don't like the size of the iPad...too big for me...if it was the size of the others I'd willingly splurge on it, but that size is not attractive to me at all :(

I wish I had my own place, this would be the best time to shop for things at great prices! TVs for as low as $500, sofas for $299, etc anyways till then.

I love having people around. I love having people I care about around me. Growing up I never really had lots of people my age around except @ whenever I'm around good friends, I'm happy. And I had a happy moment this weekend @ a close friends house, a bunch of us were huddled on the bed, watching the not so great AMAs and laughing and talking, and in that very moment, I was happy. I wish I had more of those happy moments.

Cramps! Cramps! Cramps! *sigh* I honestly don't know if my mood is ever affected by the time of the month *shrug* I've never really monitored it to see if I have extra mood swings or all that PMSing behavior. On a normal day, my mood can be as unsteady as a yo-yo, and I can cry for a whole village. The other day I was watching Private Practice, and it was the episode where the doctors were carrying out an intervention for their drug addict co-worker/friend...let's just say I cried on behalf of all the characters. 
Lol the other day I found out my cousin whom I remember carrying as baby, just got admission into Uni to study Mech Engineering and I burst into tears! I mean they were tears of joy, and gratitude to God for his achievements, but still if you saw me and didn't know why, you would think something went wrong lol I'm such a softie @ heart sha.

Speaking of the heart, why are matters of the heart so complicated? Why can't they just be 1+1 = 2? Why do feelings and emotions have to be so complicated? Regardless of how little they might be they are so powerful. Why is it that after you end a relationship the feelings and emotions don't come to an end? Why is it that when you like someone, these same feelings and emotions go up and down like a yo-yo? U tell yourself you won't/you shouldn't like this person, but then find yourself doing the opposite? Why is the dating process so complicated or is it just me? Should I be liking this person? Do I really like this person? Or am I just trying to fill a void? Is it too early to like a person...and all the many other complicated questions that exist. Ugh! abeg I'm tired of this roller coaster.

Few more weeks till I head home to Naij for the hols...lots of events and people to see and chill with in Lagos, but my family is Benin and Lord knows that city is dead. I wonder how my fam would feel if I spent Christmas in Lagos instead and then the other part of my time with them in Benin. I love my family, but to spend all that ticket money to just sit at home watching tv isn't what I had in mind. 

Anyways, have a happy and thankful thanksgiving...take time to appreciate the people in your life. 

Hugs and Kisses,
Miss Enigma!


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Is black Friday tomorrow?

Madame Sting said...

Happy thanksgiving girl. Feeling don't just die just because you decide not to be in a relationship anymore. Life would be way easier if there was a switch you could turn on and off. I'm wished for that many times.

I totally feel you on those happy moments surrounded by friends. I love those and haven't had many since i've been here. I think my friend game die in Nigeria. I just haven't been able to have the kind of friendship i had in naija here.

As for black Friday, i don't know if i will every participate in that madness at least not the early morning camping out rush. I couldn't do it. All those people pushing and shoving. It would be too stressful for me.

LohiO said...

The iPad is a better tablet. It might be bigger but it makes the most sense. The others do not compare at all. Please as you are shopping , remember my birthday is exactly one week from Friday!LOL! HAPPY THANKSGIVING SWEETIE!

Myne Whitman said...

Happy thanksgiving dear, and good luck with black Friday. I don't even enjoy shopping so adding some mad schemes to it only scares me off, lol...

Wish I were travelling too..

ms.composure said...

relationships are so much work! and they should not be that hard!! LoL

and happy turkey day and black friday. did you get the items you wanted?