Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random. Honest. Me.

Y'ello there me darlings,

How's everyone's week going so far? Hope great! It's funny how I can put together well organized post in my head and then when I get on here, I go blank; and stare at my screen for ages. Oh well, you will have to do with the disorganized ramblings of my thoughts.

I went for my pole dancing class only once :( I had to miss yesterday's class to prep for a pitch meeting with a major tv station (praying for a positive outcome in Jesus name). Neways I have one class left this Thursday and I am not missing it for anything. I enjoyed the first class. It was shocking to see regular everyday, working chics who have been taking the class and now have pro moves! I'm like dang it must feel real good to be able to work that pole, and also treat your man once in a while. But dang my right wrist and upper arm were hurting afterwards...but it was worth it. Learned a few moves, don't know when I'll put them to use though lol but I'll keep 'em in my bag of tricks for a rainy day. If you've never taken a class, you definitely should. It's not dirty or vulgar as some people might think. It's just exercise really.

Up next are my Latin/Salsa dance classes :) Woot woot! 

I'm not the confrontational type. I just can't...especially with friends and people close to me. When some close to me upsets me, I just withdraw like a snail, into its shell. I give the person space, silent treatment and just avoid it. Why? Because I don't trust my tongue especially when I'm hurt or mad. I have the ability to say something that can be really, rude, hurtful and rather than say something have to apologize for it later. And take it from someone who can hold on to words, there are certain things (words) that hurt so much and even after an apology it still hurts. But yeah, I've been withdrawn for weeks now...work in progress.

#Random I just got this really nice chiffon, long sleeve top from F21. iLove! Been wanting one for a long time now. Wore it to a friend's b'day thing this weekend and everyone loved it too.

Excited and anxious for December...not sure how things are going to go but time will tell. God dey.

The other day my Mom and I are grocery shopping, and I'm teasing her about the huge tub of ice-cream she put in the cart...and she's like please allow me to pamper myself...I want to be pampered but since there's no one to pamper me, I'll pamper myself. *sigh* We laughed it off. But Lord how I wish I could change that for her. Even in old age, nobody wants to be lonely. But unfortunately, she's not one to date, and truth is even she wanted to she wouldn't know how to...where to start from. My Dad was here first and only boyfriend. Speaking of my Dad, it's been a minute since I called him...I should fix that this week.

As much as I like my personal space and privacy, I do not like being lonely either. I've been trying the whole be by myself and all thing for a few weeks, but there's nothing like companionship. And so I went back to spending time with someone who I kinda sorta shouldn't be spending time with, dnt judge me orelse I won't tell y'all stuff anymore lol. I just enjoy taking walks, going to see a movie, grabbing lunch...going alone ain't fun and my close friends are man'd up. I don't like being the third wheel *shrugs* It is well.

Speaking of movies, I saw Real Steel featuring Hugh Jackman two weekends ago, and iLoved it! Really good movie. If you haven't seen it, you def should. Robot and Kid = Cuteness! :) 

In other news, it is true what they say about Dogs and Babies being chic magnets for guys! I was on the train this weekend and this dude and his GF got on the train, and the guy was holding this really cute, fit in one hand kinda dog and immediately everyone's attention was on him. Chics were gravitating towards him, smiling and petting the dog, asking questions and all and from there small talk. Meanwhile, the girlfriend was there just overlooked and forgotten lol.         

Aiight, I think I've talked/written enough, let me stop before I bore you. Before I go let me jst say I wasn't happy with Tiwa Savage's Love Me (3x) video. Production, casting and all were on point but the story line was non existent and I felt there was so much material with the lyrics of the song to work with. *sigh* oh well.

Ok that's it for real! Have a great Tuesday evening and do things that make you happy, and allow you to sleep easy at night!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!        


Lily Johnson said...

An interesting read. Pole dancing should be a great form of exercise i guess plus it would make u feel a whole lota sexy while doing it yeah? Lol. God would give you your own soon just catch your fun and i judge you not.
Tiwa Savage's Love me video, errmm, it was just there so i kinda agree with you.
Take care.

HoneyDame said...

I really wanna take dance classes...I feel like I have gone really rusty...As for that paragraph of liking your space but still wanting to be around other people, are you by any chance me?!!!
That's like one of my many contradictions! I loooove my space ( a sort of clear cut of, this is mine, and that is yours) yet, I love having people around me. Ijust to have that space so that when I dont want to do noisy, I have somewhere to go.
As to retreating to the shell, I sorts of sounds like me. I retreat to my shell for everybody except the BoyFriend. I feel like if I have to take shit from every other person without being able to talk back, there is no way I would be able to take it from him as well without speaking up. Sometimes, it gets very confusing cos he is the exact opposite.....he gives me lots of leeway (I have seen him deal with other people and it is NOT the same).
Anyway, I hope your TV deal comes along

Toinlicious said...

1) *hugs*
@) I definitely get the silent treatment thing cos my smart mouth can be soo hurtful and most of the time, i dnt mean dem but i'm just trying to hurt back in d heat of the moment.
#)I really wish i could should sign up cos when i see SYTYCD i get goose sometimes cos they'r soo gud, makes me kinda beef those chics

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

@LJ Yeah its a great exercise class.

@HoneyDame: Lol I guess we do share sme similarities.

@Toni: I love dance shows too...SYTYCD and DWTS!

HoneyDame said...

Awarded you with the Stylish and Versatile blog....pls check the post out even if you wont partake in it...

Rebirth said...

I want to try pole dancing someday..... hopefully when i marry, my husband will agree to have a pole in the bedroom...well he better do

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

Pole dancing will be fun to try, hopefully I don't fall. I feel you on being lonely, the best thing is to hang out with workers of yours, maybe a few girlfriends might be fine too. Don't forget when alone, Jesus is the best friend you can have, stay strong! Hugs!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Dance class are good! Also yoga is great for relaxation! I saw the Tiwa video, I am not totally impressed!
Big hug hun!


Dee said...

Funny, I have always wanted to take a pole dancing class but I never see any where I live. The minute I do see one, I'm on it.