Friday, August 12, 2011

Day #13: My Statistics Are...

Hi Me Darlings,

TGIF!!! Cheers to the weekend! I'll drink to that! So this is going to be the first weekend in a while that my butt is gonna be home! Usually on Fridays after work I head over to my friends place in Jersey to spend the weekend and go to work from there on Mon and Tues. We always have fun, chilling and just being with friends. Growing up I never really had friends coming over to my house to chill or spend house was on the outskirts of town, kinda like in the not so developed part of town so the commute wasn't fun. I used to feel like a trapped princess, stuck in our white house with fence all around. We had dogs that used to scare ppl in the neighborhood so ppl were scared of even coming close lol story for another day.

Glad that you guys liked my 5 attractive men...yummy pieces of creation lol. So today's challenge is to write about "My Body and How Comfortable I am in it"

Petite. Compact. Tiny. Portable. now you get the picture. These words are words that have been/are used to describe me. I'm 5ft tall, my statistics are roughly 32-24-34...clothes wise, I wear size 0, 00, 1, 2, XXS, XS, S depending on the brand because some brands cut their sizes bigger than normal. Shoe size I'm a 6 1/2 -7 depending on whether they are pumps, sandals or flats etc. There are days when I love my body and my size and then there are days and times when I'm not a fan...but for the most part I'm pretty much happy with me body :) 

Even though I was asleep when God was sharing height, I was def in the front lines when he was sharing boobs, so that kind of makes up. Not just becos boobs are attractive but becos it helps me to fill out clothes nicely...and so tops and dresses have nice fit...and I dnt look like a 15yr old. The ass region is not bad for my size but i prefer to call it a "sitting device" as opposed to a "booty" lol. Somedays my tummy dsnt cooperate and I wonder if I might be expecting, but most times it stays decent and dsnt protrude lol.

I'm not my body's biggest fan when I shop at times. This is because American sizes are not true to size. Because howelse can a dress say size 2 or Small and still look like I'm wearing Madea's dress? How? So whenever I see something that fits I jst buy it...because who knws when it'll come in handy. Also I dnt have a lot of store options: F21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Strawberry, Zara and then chinko stores that are hit and miss...that's about it.

I also sometimes feel awkward when I'm in the midst of people who are way taller and bigger. I feel so tiny, but then once I get comfortable that feeling fades away.

Perks about my size are that people are willing to help for the most part...for example when I'm travelling and I get on the plane I jst stand in the middle of the aisle and look cute and helpless and some dude quickly helps me put my hand luggage in the over head compartment...well its either they help or the luggage go block road for everybody lol.
I also find it interesting when people underestimate me because of my size and then they , meet me, my personality and who I really am and they are like wow :) it makes me smile.

Then there's the vain part of me that loves the attention I get when I'm all dressed up and I walk into a place...and everyone notices me. I always tell myself if I was average height I'd blend in with everybody else...but with my size I don't. I have stretch marks on my butt and they don't faze me one bit, I love 'em lol I have one or two cellulite dimples and thats it, those dnt bother me either. I do wanna gain a bit more weight, I always say its good to give a guy something to hold lol x_x but no guy has complained yet. The guy that will make a negative comment will def not be getting beyond the friendship zone! #ThatIsAll

Anyways, like every other female there are days when I'm not crazy about my bod, but for the most part I love my body! I don't workout, but I dance for about 2-3hours :) I need tot ke cre of what I put in my body tho :( I eat junk food...I jst hope it dsnt catch up with me later on. My Mom is still hot and she's almost 60! Mama got a bootyyyy and a nice figure I pray I look like her when I'm older too.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!     


Giagerry said...

LoL @ "sitting device"

Laurenta said...

you sound as cute as a button
i just imagined u standing and smiling on the airplane aisle


This got me laughing hard all through... lol #Nocomment
It's amusing when the female specie talk about their body.

LohiO said...


Anonymous said...

"...when people underestimate me..." a great weapon.
Nothing beats a petite 32,34,34.