Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look Who's Back....:)

Hi Darlings,

Happy New Year! Yes, yes I know we are in the month of February but this is my first post since the New Year. Hope everyone's year has gotten off to a great and awesome start.

I'll try and make this post short, and detailed without (hopefully) being boring. 

I just got back from a 5 week vacay in Nigeria, and Lord knows I miss it already. But reality calls, and so I had to return to minus degree weather, snow storms and being stuck indoors in hibernation.

Nigeria was fun. This was the first time since I moved to NY five years ago that I was home for Christmas and New Year. Christmas in Lagos was fun. Family dinner, hanging out with friends, meeting up people I met on Twitter, making new friends and then some. I only attended two main events in Lagos; the Underground Exclusive event @ Club Rehab and then the All Black Everything party @ GET Arena, but I met a bunch of people.

My main purpose for taking a long vacation was to spend good quality time bonding with the boyfie. When you go for short vacations you spend the time being in la la land that it sometimes seems too perfect. This trip wasn't perfect, it was filled with so many ups and downs, but it all was for our own good at the end of the day. It was nice to be able to spend time learning and earning each other, getting to understand the little things and the big things, what we are willing to compromise on and not compromise on... I am grateful for time spent with him. I miss waking up and making/eating breakfast together, planning our days agenda together, watching tv together, doing chores together, oh and he knows his way around the kitchen :)... even the arguments *sigh* lol    

I've learned and I continue to learn new things about relationships. I also continue to work at being the best of me that I can be. "Never tailor your relationship according to another relationship's measurement. One size does NOT fit all in relationship matters." - Me. #ThatIsAll

Moving on, this babe is officially now a graduate and so I'm on the market looking for a full-time job. And I tell you the search for a job, is a full-time job in itself. Filling out application forms, sending out emails and repeating/typing the same thing over and over and over again is so not fun. I end every day with a horrible headache from sitting infront of a laptop for hours. My poor eyes. Had two interviews yesterday and I am just committing everything unto God.

In other news I attended my first SuperBowl party on Sunday. Twas fun! About 25 people who were partially interested in the game, just enjoying great company, small chops, alcohol and good music. :) Good times. The only problem/issue I have with going out is when I meet guys at such social gatherings and they wanna hang out some other time; I have a slight panic button go off in my head because I don't mind hanging out in a group, but ermmm alone/one on one I just don't want them getting the wrong impression or putting myself in an awkward situation of having to pull the 'I have a boyfriend card'. *sigh* This is how you know you've been in a relationship for a long time...when you don't even know how to handle such situations anymore lol.

I'm currently listening to Super C Season by NaetoC (Thanks Booski ;-) ) and I like a lot. That #ShareMyBlessings track got me all teary eyed, though pretty much everything gets me teary eyed I also like #5and6 and #Afruru'm Gi Nanya a lot :) 

So Valentine's day is here again, and as usual there are those who do not subscribe to the hoopla, those who celebrate it, those who are indifferent and those who just find an excuse to dodge lol. My take? Sure its a great opportunity for vendors to make money, but so is every other holiday including birthdays. We should celebrate our loved ones everyday, but again it does not hurt to take one day out of 365 and make it the official day of love. We all get older with each new day, but we have our official birthday. Anyways, I believe in recognizing Valentine's day...that being said I'm yet to have the Valentine's day that I really want :( seeing as the boyfie is oceans away. If he were here what would I want? :D lol... the usual flowers et all and just something well thought out, sweet and really romantic. I wanna get all dressed up and go out, maybe to a play or something...I dnt know jorr. Can a girl just be wowed and made to feel like the only girl in the world hehe...allow me wish jorr.

Anyways I want to believe I'm not the only one who has had enough of the punishingly cold winter? Please spring can like to come early...cos I'm so done. But seeing as I am currently unemployed and really do not have to venture out of my apartment except if necessary ( read as except if called for an interview lol) I haven't suffered its wrath too much. 

Wait hold up the nail polish industry is a 173million dollar industry...and Justin Bieber has a nail polish collection that has sold out of all Walmart stores since two months ago. Lol wahala...wat does he know about nail polish???

Oh and I saw the Khloe and Lamar commercial for their fragrance Unbreakable....*smdh* all I can say is that they should have stuck to print ads only! Lamar Lamar Lamar please stick to basketball, and try not to get injured becos there's no future in acting for you my dear. And Khloe Khloe leave the sexy to Kim and find/create another niche for yourself my darling. And their Mom/Manager is so wrong for allowing such an ad to run. tsk tsk.   

Ok before I start rambling off, I'm gonna stop here. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. Love you guys muchos!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
Miss Enigma!   




dhjax said...

Five weeks of warm/hot weather.. I am officially jealous... You should write a 'Manual for LDRs' at this rate men.. Good to know all's stoking along nicely on that front...

LohiO said...

LOL! the Khloe and Lemar ad had me in stitches!!!!
Praying for the job for you! I claim it! It is yours!! Amen!
#Cosign with need to write a manual! :) Happy for you guys still!

You are welcome!..xx!

Myne Whitman said...

All the best in the job search, I hope one of the interviews work out. I hope your relationship works out too, LDRs no easy.

BSNC said...

welcome back Ms graduate. Good luck with the job hunting. I know that is not easy especially when they are looking for experienced workers.

doll said...

welcome back. Happy new year. 5 weeks vacay! now that's enjoyment

congrats on your graduation. i am sure a job would come soon

Yankeenaijababe said...

I missed ya girl...please post pictures from Naija both great and random ones...I love to see it

I pray the job search goes well, not easy searching...Totally understand...Hang on tight

Natural Nigerian said...

It must be tough to be in a LDR. The good news is that it if properly managed it will work out. Best of luck getting a job.

And have a Happy New Year.

bob-ij said...

That's really good for you and your boyfriend. Really though, not one size fits all. LOL at the boyfriend card. Why do people think it's a lie? or doesn't matter!

LOL at JB's nail polish collection. I had no clue! wow!


Prism of an immigrant said...

Welcome back. Justin Bieber's nail polish is news to me o. Seems like i've been living under a rock. This kid is just making money from all corners. Good luck with the job search.

tayd said...

goodluck with the job hunt; hope you get something great soon! ..and enjoy this time off while you still can, lol!

Lara said...

All the best in your job search.
The kardashians just look for everyday possible to milk their gullible fans.

HoneyDame said...

Ohmy! Story of my life, juts got back from naija, spending time with the boyfie too....we should compare notes and stage coups as needed...Goodluck with the job hunt