Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Smoker...

Hey Blogsville...
How's everybody doing? Hope u're all having a great week?! I know some people aren't; and to those fellow residents who aren't, I want you guys to know dat there's always sunshine after the rain...no matter wat u're going thru school work stress, work stress, relationships issues, family drama, personal/ emotional hurdles...wa'eva it is just know that He didn't bring u this far to leave you here...and watever He starts, the good Lord finishes!

Ok so something has been bothering me/ vexing me lately and I just need to vent! And am gonna do it in form of a letter.

Dear Smoker,
Let me start off by saying personally, I have nothing against you and your fellow partners in smoking. If u choose to huff and puff knowing fully well the health hazard tied to it, then that's ur decision to make. But what me I don't understand, can't tolerate and find rather offensive and annoying, is the fact that you choose to involve me in ur decision to smoke. I respect the fact that you need to light-up and so I step away from you but u refuse to stay away; instead you follow me and bathe me in smoke. Why? I thot that was why they have reserved areas called "smokers section."

Almost everywhere I go, you go with me....and along with you comes the smell of smoke, both on you and in your breathe. At the bus-stop, you know fully well that any minute now the bus will be here, but instead of finishing up early, you wait till you're about to board to take ur last drag...and then exhale on the bus. Why? At work you know that you're going to hold a conversation with me while I cash your check or process your transactions so why not pop some strong mint or chew some nice flavored gum or sumthing! Instead you stand infront of me, and I am forced to inhale the air that comes from your cigarette smoke breathe, even the bullet-proof glass doesn't help in filtering the air. Why?

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, I have nothing against you or your personal choice to light-up; afterall I do have members of my family who do same. But they are all kind enough to do what they do a couple of yards away from the non-smokers...and I am grateful for that. I just wish you could do the same for me my dear Smoker. Please! Looking forward to a positive change in your actions. Thank you!

Ur Victim.

- My fellow blogsville peeps, I'm lookin 4ward to my dear friends 21st this weekend! Woohoo!!!
As I promised I'll keep y'all updated. Take care y'all...Deuces!!!...lol

xoxo...UnderCover07 alias Miss Enigma!


Adaeze said...

Thanks for the first part of your post. That really reached out to me. You're too sweet.

I couldn't agree with you more on "Dear smoker" - that's what I hate about so many. Because they refuse to accept its dangers, they have to involve me in their choices and make me inhale it too. Not only is it dangerous but disgusting..Being around smoke for a little and whoops i Have to wash all my clothes and hair to not have it trace me. Oh well. It's gotten less since we had the law here that banned smoking from all public places except the outdoors. I wish they'd ban it everywhere. lol.

jhazmyn said...

"even the bullet-proof glass doesn't help in filtering the air"
How would it stop the bullets then? lol..
I feel ur pain, more so since 2nd hand smoke is said to be more dangerous.

BSNC said...

yea the first part of the post was really nice.. thanks

yes you said it politely. i hope they leave you alone..

Blanche Truffle said...

I know what you're on about! i really do? It's like, do your thing, I do mine, but don't cross the line! I had someone smoke while dancing wiv me and I left with my weave smelling like cigarette! Then my parents will beat me up not knowing that I'm not lieing and I really didn't smoke. I have friends that smoke and I love that they respect the fact that I don't want to co-inhale!..



Well, I Have been anti-smoking since I was a kid. I would take cigarettes from people when they showed up at our door for parties. No joke.

What really drives me nuts, is when I'm running and you see me coming, but you light up your cig and blow that things in my face. Now, is that really fair? My heart is working over time to get oxygen to all the parts of my body that need it, the cyanide, arsenic and other yukky elements in that second hand smoke are not what I need. Couldn't you just wait till I was gone?

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest, great post, lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope all the smokers out there find your letter...it's soooo true what you say, and I hear even the 2nd hand smoke they force us to inhale is dangerous as well...so it's not just smokers who are liable to die young...may God continue to protect us from them though...weldone...

UnderCover07 said...

@ Adaeze- U're welcome. They've banned smoking frm public places in NY too, but still yet.

@Jhazmyn- the smell of the smoke still filters in thru paper slot in d glass o!

@BSNC- I hope so too...lol

@BT- U feel me my sister

@Solomonsydelle- Thanks, just had to vent too!

@justdoyin- I hope dey do...and that they consider the non-smokers and kids around them.

RocNaija said...

I'm going to advocate for you post to be added on the back of all cigarette boxes..

Okay.. maybe not.. but still..
Great post..

ScoopsNija said...

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L-VII said...

I am feeling slightly guilty.. I have quit now though. I must say, I always tried to have good smoking manners. That sounds weird, lol.. Sorry to all non smokers who inhaled the smoke.


My World said...

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important point indeed,thanks for sharing.