Thursday, March 26, 2009

When does "the past" become...."the past"?

We call it "the past", but when does it really become just that; the past. Once in a while, it finds ways to creep into our present and it brings with it memories, that either make us smile, wonder, question and sometimes do things. Today, mine brings doubt and second-guessing thoughts that hold me from giving, for fear that "the past" will repeat itself. Deep inside I know this isn't a repeat of "the past" and besides, life is a race you have to be in it, to win it. I'm alive so I have no excuse not to be in the race...I tripped and fell before, but I'm going to keep running and if I fall again as a result of life's numerous hurdles, I'll pick myself back up; and God willing my Sun will be there to lend a hand.

Time heals; thats what they say
But what I want to know is
How much time I need
I want to look pretty for you
But I'm covered, with bruises
Bruises that have followed me
From my past

They not only remind me of the past
But bring with them dark clouds
That over-shadow my sun filled sky
You are my Sun
And I want to be your Rainbow
But these dark clouds won't let me

Even with my bruises and clouds

U refuse to set on me
But continue to rise

With the hopes that if u rise high enough

These clouds will move over

And my bruises will fade away

I long to share the skies with you

Be by your side as you rise
And as you set, just to bask in your rays

From East to West

You are my Sun
And I, your Rainbow

- Miss Enigma.

PS: This is not an attempt to be creative, artistic or anything of the sort. It is simply a way of expressing/putting in words, my present state of mind.
Have a great day guys!


jhazmyn said...
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jhazmyn said...

Hmmm, i guess i've been here before, and i wondered like you said...time is the key, and those bruises will heal, and then, the past would really be said to be the past...
Its amazing but today, i laugh and smile with those who hurt me so bad few years before..because one day, it all became the past for me..hope u'd get there soon..cheers

Anonymous said...

Guess the past becomes the past when we can recall it without showing any negative emotions.