Friday, March 6, 2009

...Another Solo Weekend....

...Hello to my fellow blogsville peeps! So it's another weekend, and am guessing everybody is glad to either not be working, going to school and all that stuff. So wat r ur weekend to share wiv a fellow blogsville resident?lol.

Anyways, while people are out doing fun-stuff and having a good-time,this LNL (Lil'Naija Lady)will be home after work by 2.30pm, doing NOTHING, absolutely nothing.For some unknown reason, I just find it quite difficult to hang-out wiv ppl who aren't 9ja related -pls o I dnt discriminate or anything of that sort- it's just that I'm so much more comfortable around my 9ja friends who we all went to high-school 2geda.

The conversations just go on and on and on,they understand me, get me, my funny jokes and my not so funny jokes,and basically know wat am talking about...but other people, they won't understand a 9ja related joke or gist.I mean once in a while, I hang-out with two of my colleagues from work, but the vibe is different. Aside from the whole vibe thing, I think I personally find it difficult to open up to people. And how am I supposed to hang-out and have a good-time if I can't open up to people? But why do I have to open up jo, must everybody be in my business?

Well...I guess it is wat it is ryt? Meanwhile, on a brighter note, I'm sooo looking forward to going to MD to celebrate on of my girlie's bday. It's the big 21 (Mine's past It's gonna be a fun weekend and we are all so excited. I'll keep y'all posted on the details.

...Neways, if you guys have suggestions on how to make level-headed friends that I can hang-out with, have decent conversations, as well as funny ones, please drop your 2cents; Highly appreciated. Have a fabulous weekend and dnt forget to pay your respects to the "Big Man" on sunday and everyday Party hard,Pray Harder..:-)

Till when next I stop by....xoxo


Danny B said...

hey.. i wouldn't sweat if for the weekend if i were you..... Hopefully u'll get enuf rest to be fired up for the new week.....Guess peeps take different lengths of time to open up to others..

I am so looking forward to a weekend of laying up my feet and just listening to music meself!

Buttercup said...

I get what u's hard finding non-Nigerians whom u have stuff in common with..

My weekend was as uneventful as the word 'uneventful'!

I remember my big 2 1..TOTALLY SUCKED!

1st time here!

UnderCover07 said...

Hey Buttercup...welcome to my blog!
Well, I hope ur week is better than ur weekend...and dat ur next bday will be one to remember (in a gud!!!

@ Danny B, guess u're right.

I'll survive!!!!!