Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Broke Up

My day job is advertising, and my side gig is PR but I feel like at this point I can also add Real Estate broker to my resume. My poor feet have pounded the concrete pavements of NYC in search of a decent, affordable apartment for the past two months and still yet I've found nothing!

First I needed to find a room-mate to share a 2BR with, and somehow I found what I thought was the perfect room-mate. Same age, same career/industry, same price-range, Ghanaian chic, sane and level-headed. For once the stars had aligned in my favor. Then the search for 2BR/2BA began, and its been like pulling teeth! Why 2BA? Why not a 2BR/1BA? Well here's the thing, as much as you might think you and a room-mate or potential room-mate are alike and cool, when you begin to live with a person, its a totally different ball game entirely. And sometimes the littlest things could irk either one of you make living together hell. Its for this reason that I feel like the less space shared, the better.

For example, you both have the same morning schedule and need to get into the shower at the same time. Wahala. Or its Saturday morning, roomie wants to take a shower, but shower needs cleaning and its your turn but with the way you've positioned yourself in bed, enjoying that sweet, sweet Saturday imma be a lazy bum kinda sleep, ain't nothing in the world to make you get out of bed. Especially a chore like cleaning bathrooms. Wahala. Plus everybody with their own personal hygiene preferences. U see why I really wanted a 2BA? 

So na so we find, find, find, find o come decide say we go extend our search to reach Jersey City side to increase our chances of finding wetin we want. As I tanda for one apartment viewing yesterday for the Jersey City, na e one text come my phone...this my dear sent from above room-mate was breaking up with me :( lol. *sigh* The matter just tire me, e weak my body nor be small. So na back to square one. Na to either find another room-mate or find 1BR/1BA jeje, and chop all the expenses alone. *sigh* There goes all the nice things I planned to do with spare money.

Mehn, apartment hunting for this NY no be joke sha. Frustrated, tired, worn-out does not even begin to explain how I feel right now. I've literally clicked on every link on Craigslist and they've all turned purple. I can list all the apartment searching sites in my sleep.
- Craigslist
- StreetEasy
- GoNoFee
- NYTimes Real Estate
- NakedApartments
- NestSeekers
- HotPads
- ForRent
- Zillow
- ApartmentGuide

I can tell you how long some apartments have been on the market, I can spot the fake/spam postings, I can tell you which trains are close to which apartments etc lol This whole process has been a nightmare, I kid you not! I just want it to be over really. And I am taking out my frustration on The Man *sigh*. Poor guy doesn't even understand it. I just want a nice, decent place that I decorate the way I like and call home :( Is that too much to ask of you my dear New York? Lord, help me find a place. Please!

Anyway, my search continues. I just needed to vent. If you missed my post about my London Trip, you can catch up HERE with the pictures.    

Hope everyone's having a great week so far. The weekend is almost here! :)


Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!

*BR - Bedroom
*BA - Bathroom


Madame Sting said...

Roommates are never a good idea. According to Judge Judy (lol), it's better to stay alone in a closet than to have a roommate. Good luck with your search. If you can afford it, i'll say stay alone.

Sabirah said...

Girrrrrrl you scared me with this your title oh! No dey play that kind play. abeg!

Everything happens for a reason, maybe you are about to find your own special studio. House search can be sooo frustrating in a city. Just don't give up and pray about it. I'm praying for you

Mikki said...

Aww... Poor you..
I know the filling...looking for a roommate is the hardest part.. I have broken up and been broken up with lets see *counts fingers* 5x!!

Finally found my self in a apt wiht my younger brother.. I think the next moove is on my own..wld prob be easier with a 2br/2ba

Best of luck and Great Wishes!!

Mamuje said...

Awwwww babe....*come here for a hug* I can imagine the pain of looking for an apartment and not finding something thats suits your style or budget. It will come... chin up love and dont give up.

If it makes you feel any better we in Nigeria experience the same thing...even worse because we have to pay a year or 2 year's lease else you stay outside the metropolis. Its crazy

Myne Whitman said...

I feel you on separate bathrooms jo, unless you're sisters, and even then, I think it's crucial.

LusciousRon said...

Pele. Goodluck. Soon enough, you will be inviting us for housewarming!

justsoyouknow said...

Finding a roommate where cohabitation is smooth is rare nowadays. It is almost synonymous to finding a partner too. Well hope both of you well get along well.

justsoyouknow said...

Finding a roommate where cohabitation is smooth is rare nowadays. It is almost synonymous to finding a partner too. Well hope both of you well get along well.

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