Monday, May 14, 2012

London Trip 2012

Y'ello me darlings! Happy New Week to you all! Hope everyone had a great weekend, even though it always seems to go by so quickly...and the next one seems like eons away. I had a good weekend. Kicked off on Friday by attending a friend's business 1yr anniversary and I had a good time. Happy to see her receive so much love. Saturday was spent at a was sad, cos regardless of the fact that we know that a loved one is going to leave us some day, we can never really prepare ourselves enough. He was 80yrs old, and had lived a full life but still...when you say your final good-byes, lay the flowers, and all its still surreal...when they begin to lower the casket into the ground hian! That na different story o! You begin to reflect say na so life be o, this body, this flesh na inside ground e dey go. And life goes on! Whether we like it or not, whether at that particular point it seems impossible...truth is life goes on!

In other news, where have I been u ask? Well, I've been to London to see The Queen! :) You see, I've never really taken a vacation, because I do not consider going to Naija annually a vacation. So recently, when my Sis got her UK visa, I thought oh! this could be a chance for me to visit as well, seeing as I've never been to London either. Initially, I was hesitant. None of my friends was going with me, accommodation issues, will it be worth it? what will I do for fun there? Yadi, yadi, yada! I sha summoned up courage, God worked everything out and bam! I booked my flight! The minute I clicked 'Book Flight', there was no going back, London here I come!

After work on Thursday I headed for the airport and boarded my flight. My expectations? None whatsoever! My plan? Make the best out of the trip, after all $900 ticket no be beans! With that settled, I jejely balanced in my seat and enjoyed two movies during the flight...Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Mr & Mrs Smith :). Long story short, I connected from Heathrow to Manchester spent a few nights with an old high school friend, and another old high school friend came over...we chilled, caught up, did mall waka, went to see The Vow and I became acquainted with the TV shows 'Shuga' and '4Play: Sex Tips for Girls'. I'm not a fan of Naija/African movies cos of the acting, but the acting in these two shows caught me by surprise! The actors were good! Their delivery was on point! Anyways, I digress! Manchester was nice.

London Trip 2012

I left for Clapham on Monday and finally connected with my Sis. I saw my cousin who I hadn't seen in about ten years! Spent the day chilling, listening and dancing to Naija music and just clowning. Then Tuesday, my Sis and I waka waka'd around London town gan gan. Initially we planned on navigating all the tourist attractions by ourselves using the Underground transport but mehn by 4pm we realized we had only seen two attractions, we decided to hop on the Tour Bus! And it was worth it! We got to see everything while sitting comfortably on the double decker bus. Wish we weren't leaving the next day, would have gone on a second round of touring, but we definitely accomplished a lot in one day!

If you see the way I was chopping Nandos everyday ehn! U'll think there's no chips and chicken in this here America, but the difference is clear biko! American fries and their own nor be the same. I fell in love with Auntie Millie's Cookies (my fav is their white chocolate chip cookie) and Greggs too! Their sausage roll and chicken pie nom nom nom! Pls if anyone knows of a similar joint in Yankee that sells pastries like that let me reminded me so much of Naija...till today I am huge fan of Mr. Biggs sausage roll, and scotch egg! Neways thanks to the cold and the constant chopping of ijeku je (sp?) my cavity started acting up and is hurting like a .... 

My sis and I had a great time! And it was good bonding time for us! You should have seen us running for trains, buses and all together. You wouldn't know there's a ten yr difference between us. We were like lil'girls :) or maybe it was just me :) All in all, it was much needed away time. I stayed off BBM, Twitter, Facebook, emails everything...and was just sleeping, eating and chillin'.

I always used to think to go on a vacation you need a good number of people and alla that but mehn sometimes coordinating the schedule for more than two persons dey hard...and one person canceling can just ruin it for all. Now I know I don't need a crowd jare. Glad I went on this trip! Definitely one of the high-lights of my year! :)

Have a GREAT week everyone!!! Keep pushing! Keep working hard! Trust me people are watching and noticing your growth, even when you don't!

PS: Sorry I didn't caption the pics in the first collage...I'm tired, and have a lot to do before Sunday ends.

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!


Sabirah said...

Nice!!! I'm so glad you got a good vacation. I've been to london many times but i've never been on a tour bus! Must do it at least one.

You were brave to stay off bbm and social networks i woulda been itching to at least share all the fun i'd been having
Thank God for journey mercies!
Have a great week

TemiY said...

Vacations these days are so worth it.. glad you had fun!

ps - too late now, but they do have frozen sausage rolls (the actual Greggs brand) in some grocery stores that you coulda brought back.

HoneyDame said...

Wonderful! U and your sis totally look (that was me being sarcastic)
You are very right though, you dont need a crowd to make a trip fun

NikkiSho said...

Glad you had fun....
You collect tins? lol.
Have a great week.

Myne Whitman said...

The pictures are lovely, and it's great to have a time out to recharge.

LohiO said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I need to go to London again!!!

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

Such beautiful pictures, I need to visit London and Paris sometime...:=) Aww :=)