Thursday, January 26, 2012

Closet View: Denim & Brown

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday (well in about 30mins, it's currently 11.35pm) and soon the weekend will be here! It's funny how I look forward to the weekend, like I actually have major plans; I wish. Thing is, when the weekend comes by, I become slightly depressed because I currently don't have any projects to occupy me or get me out of the house, I begin to fall into my depressed mood of "I wish I had my own place, and I wish I lived closer to the city, then I could do all the fun stuff young people do in NYC, and blah, blah, blah" you get the story. Anyways, I currently have put my plans of moving out on hold till maybe mid-year, if all things go well I should have my place, and a room-mate ;). Till then, when that bluesy feeling rears its head, I'll remind myself of the fact that I am currently saving about $1,200 every month that I continue to live with my Mom and pretty much do not pay any bills except the cellphone bill.

So like everybody else, I follow a bunch of Fashion bloggers, and just recently discovered a bunch of new fashion bloggers that I like. Let me just say I am not in the know when it comes to fashion details, like designers, their collections, history/background etc...what I enjoy about fashion blogs, is just seeing the day to day outfits that people put together. Fashion to me is all about personal style, and knowing what works for your body and personality. It should enhance, and generally make you feel good about yourself. Another thing I like about fashion blogs, is that it allows me live vicariously through these bloggers. There are certain pieces that I know (or think) would not look good on me even though I like them, and to get to see other people pull it off nicely, just makes me happy. Last but not least, fashion blogs allow me to blog shop (kinda like window shopping, lol), and sometimes actually shop and find deals.

This brings me to the main purpose of this post. Please be warned that I am NOT a fashion blogger, neither am I a photographer like my dear Lohita. That being said, I like to look good like every normal female out there :) and so I love to shop, and the other day, I bought a few things that I was soooo excited to find, and thought to share with you all. 

I've been wanting a messenger type bag for a while now...and this one's just perfect. Fits my everyday bag essentials (tablet, notepad, phone charger, lipgloss etc) and I like how I can hook my work ID right on the side. There's something about sky blue denim shirt, it's very can dress it up tucked into a skirt or dress down and wear it over skinny jeans, tuck it into wide leg jeans or over a pair of tights. I walk up and down a hill to catch the bus to work and on my way back, and I'm usually running after the bus in the mornings so I prefer to wear flats in order to prevent me from falling and maybe twisting my ankle...but these boots aren't so bad at all. Wore them to work the other day and my feet weren't in pain at all. I love my new finds.

Have a fabulous day everyone! And incase you haven't already, check out this video .

PS: I'm sure you can tell by now that brown is one of my fav colors :) 

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!


blogoratti said...

I feel you... about always looking forward to the weekend-even though there's nothing planned,hehe. Have a good one..cheers*

Ema Leecious said...

I follow a couple of fashion blogs just to make sure I don't err! lol

Love the shoes!!!

NikkiSho said...

good finds...i love the bag!!!

Che said...

really lovely bag. Have a fabulous weekend.

Monroe Steele said...

that is a cool messenger bag! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog doll


Fashion Steele NYC

Chic Therapy said...

great bag, i have something similar

Adaora Soludo said...

love the bag and the shoes x