Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leopard Cravings

Hello Me Darlings,

How's everyone doing? Hope everyone's week got off to a great start!
I've been wanting to put up a post for a while now, but every time I try to, I always panic that I don't have anything meaningful to put up...and nothing interesting or fun is happening in my life at the moment so...yeah. Anyways, I've decided to go ahead and just type here goes a random post :)

It's my girls birthday this weekend and she's having a partayyy! Karaoke on Friday, party on Saturday, and maybe brunch on Sunday! I'm excited to have a good time, but not excited at the fact that I do not have a dress! I have searched high and low, and can't seem to find a bad ass dress in my size. Yes, yes I know I'm always complaining about this...but its not my fault. They don't show love to us tiny people...we are people too u know! Oh well, I'll figure it out.

I have good news to share, but I'm kinda waiting before I share it with you guys :) But please know that God is awesome!!! I'm excited and nervous, but ready.

So my graduation ceremony date has been announced. It's June 3rd :) I had actually forgotten that there was a now the question is "what do I wear?" *sigh* I was thinking of making a formal styled dress with ankara...or maybe I should buy a dress and call it a day abi? What do y'all think? Then I'll prolly do lunch with my Mom and small knit of friends at a restaurant. I'm just grateful for the completion of this journey. :)

I read Taynment's post about not wanting to be labeled as the chic with Daddy issues...I can sooo relate. And I refrain from talking about it or even bringing it up with the boyfie, cos I don't want it to seem as if I'm blaming my attitude towards certain things on "Daddy issues", so I choose to not discuss the topic. When in all honesty I want to talk about it, I think I need to, so that I can move on somewhat but...for now no talking. And so far I think I've done just fine.

Charlie Sheen has lost his mind! #ThatIsAll

A friend just surprised me with a graduation's not the gift that blew me away...but he included a hand-written letter :) Who knew that people still wrote those. Thanks a lot! iLove it!

Just started following the Four Aces blog...if you don't you should. They always have fun fashion and life-style posts.

I need to make new friends/hang out buddies! Problem is I suck at keeping in touch, and I don't go out often especially in the fall/winter and cold weather do not mesh! Plus I don't live in the city so having to go out, stay out late and then be journeying back to my house alone at night turns me off from going out :( But the irony of this is that I do love to go out. I know, I know that doesn't make sense. My friend in Naija was asking me the other day, "what tha hell happened to you?" I wish I could answer that question.
Just last week my friend told me that at the rate I'm going, I'm gonna turn 50 before I turn 25!!!! *sigh* that's not good!

I want my own apartment/space so bad :( but patience...patience. People keep saying I'm gonna miss the comfort of having my Mom around and all...but I've had a shared space for sooo long. I want my own. On the other hand, I worry about moving out and leaving her alone :(... I worry that she's gonna fall asleep while there's something on the fire (she does it quite often after working long hours) and there'll be no one to wake her up or to turn it off. I worry about her coming home and not having anyone to rant to about her crazy work day or about my Dad, and then when the internet trips off and needs to be reset or hours need to be spent on the phone wiv customer service from India trying to fix it who'll do it for her? I think we'll just get a bigger apartment and I'll carry her along even though she keeps insisting she's not moving anywhere.

Communication can do wonders for relationships. 

Wendy Williams is going to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars! Mehn, I don't know how I feel about that. I mean I love her and I enjoy her show as messy and tacky as it is, but her dancing??? I wonder who her partner is and how she's gonna keep from not toppling over and bursting her boobies. It's gonna be a mess! How You Doin'? How You Dancin'? lol

I think I should do a video post soon because when I'm not infront of my laptop, different things that I wanna blog about just keep popping up in my head and the minute I sit dwn to type I go blank! smh

I'm still undecided about what to get a Masters in. I have no clue, maybe after a year of working I'll have a better idea...maybe an MBA? Or Msc in Marketing? *sigh* 

I can't wait to take my weave out! I miss my hair :( I hope I dnt go bald cos I've had this sew-in for a whileeee now. 

So the other day some dude who I had a few classes with called me up and long and short goes on about how he's been asking me out but I keep dodging O_O! I didn't even know he was asking me out! I thought he was just being nice, and I used to look at him with the eye of "awww small boy". All I remember was giving him a ride to his place and he said do you go out, and I was like yeah. And he said we should hangout sometime and I was like oh sure, cool. My people is that how they ask people out nowadays? Biko forgive me I dnt know these things. I haven't been single in ermmm five years so I dnt know how it works. Lol I jst kept laughing on the phone...poor boy. No vex o!

So I went on a little retail therapy trip and I found these at TJ Maxx...I've always wanted leopard patterned shoes...kind of like one of those must-have classics that don't fade-out with fleeting trends. And it's hairy/furry like the real leopard skin. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

    Okay folks...that's about it for now. Hope everyone has an awesome day ahead! Sending you all hugs...I'm a hugger and cuddler :) 

Hugs and Kisses,
Miss Enigma! :*


shorty said...

Yay! I love the shoes. I think you should just get a bigger apartment, your mum is going to miss you if you move out.

PS: I'm tiny too :(

Funms-the rebirth said...

omg! so tiny people are humans too? hehehehehehe

I think u should talk about your issues so u can move past them, find a therapist or someone whose counsel you really does help

Congrats on your upcoming grad....

Myne Whitman said...

So I have to say this first, lol...your feet are even smaller than mine.

OK, congrats on your grad, I'll say go for the Ankara dress, at least there's time to make it. And the choice for an Msc will come to you in time.

Aww, bless your mum, please stay with her and then move together too.

About Daddy issues, try to talk to someone, maybe have some with your mum there. As you get older, and move into a r/ship with another man, that one needs to be sorted.

To Wendy, I frowned when she was announced on Monday, what's that about. We'll see sha.

As for Charlie, cuckoo is the word. A mordern day Hugh Hefner indeed. I pity his children. His ex batter take those twins away.

LohiO said...

I love the shoes!!!

June 3rd!! NYC invasion!!!!

So happy for you RE: Good news!!!

Charlie Sheen is not crazy...he is #WINNING!

Aww sucks you cant move and leave your mum..I feel your need for space tho!


In my head and around me said...

Faux Leopard shoes are on my list too. They lend an elegance to what one wears.

Congratulations on graduating!

Natural Nigerian said...

I want those shoes!

Yankeenaijababe said...

Congrats on your graduation and the exciting adventures coming your way, hang in tight, you sure said a lot , those shoes I want Happy weekend girl to ya.

Nice Anon said...

Yeah leopard print is in now but that's something that will never fade.

Congrats on your upcoming graduation. Woohoo!

TemiY said...

Congrats on your grad!!

and I may actually consider watching DWTS cos of Wendy, should be a fun mess to watch.

I agree bout Charlie Sheen, what exactly is #TigerBlood ?

jhazmyn said...

Congrats on grad...its not an easy something

I luvvvv those shoes...good thing they're not my size, might have sent someone to steal it.

As for the dress, if u've got a good tailor, go for the ankara, they work wonders with african prints these days, its just amazing.

You really should talk if you feel the need to, if not to boyfie, then maybe to a really trusted friend that can offer a helpful ear.

Masters would sort itself with time I'm sure, enjoy the euphoria of this hurdle and let the pieces of the puzzle fall in place (thats my idea anyway and it works for moi :) ).

Waiting to hear the gud news o

kitkat said...

ooh i'm also a hugger so huggies back to u :p
i'm not a fan of leopard print but the shoes are definitely a yay!..they look chic and classy :)
congrats on your graduation, dnt worry bout ur masters already..i bet u'll have enough time to figure out what u wanna get a masters degree in.
i knw it must be real hard for u to move out but u cnt stay with mummy forever babe..suck it up and pack ya load! :p jk
love ur blog..and this pots was real interesting to read..xx

NikkiSho said...

i want/need those shoes!! gorgeous