Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...10 Things iLove...

Hi Blogsville...

How's ur week coming along? Hope things are going well, and blessings and favors are finding each and every one of you. Thanks to the ppl who commented on my last post. I appreciate ur suggestions, and wld look into them. Cerebally Busy are u suggesting I write one because u think I have small potential or just to mock me?!! Lol...the thought of writing a book seems a bit scary to me. Funny thing is I wrote one when I was in primary school, and my Mom made negotiations with a publisher to make sample copies and all that, but life got in the way and that never came to fruition. Well who knows, maybe I'll write again someday...I hope I do.

Before I start rambling off, let me get to the main reason for this post. My friend Ms.O tagged me to do "10 Things iLove..." a while back, so these are a few of the things iLove...enjoy :D (PS: This list is in no particular order)

- SURPRISES: iLove surprises! Birthdays, Holidays, Everyday...there doesn't have to be an occasion or special event. iLove surprises just cause. A visit from a friend, unexpected pressies or thoughtful little things or gestures just warm my heart and light up my face :-). Sha not a surprise that will get me mad o if not wahala dey. 

- TRAVEL: iLove to travel! *sigh* Just thinking of all the places I want to visit is getting me all excited. In high-school, I went on as many excursion trips as my folks pocket could take care of. I went to Togo for French excursion, then for Geography our trip took us to Jos, Bauchi, Abuja, and for Hausa acculturation we went to ...... I enjoy flying (as long as I'm not sitting next to a psycho, or a talkative, or a stinky dude, or an extra nice old lady), and I enjoy road-trips too as long as I have good company. I want to visit France, Australia, Rome, China beautiful islands like the Virgin Islands, Seychelles, etc. I really would like to visit a couple of these places before I get married, and then take regular vacations with the hubby whenever I get married. So note to #myfuturehusband, I love to travel, and u will be coming along for the ride so prepare thyself :D.

- JEWELRY: Like almost every girl, iLove jewelry pieces, but specifically silver, white-gold and platinum *wink*. But platinum is outta my price range for now so I'm a .925 (silver) kinda girl. I dnt own one piece of gold jewelry;back in Naij if I need to dress in native and needed a gold piece, I borrowed my Mom's. But I'm slowly warming up to gold...keyword slowly. Few years ago when I worked in the jewelry section of a store, a good chunk of my paycheck went to silver pieces. They are just beautiful. My engagement ring n' wedding band are definitely going to be platinum.:D

- MUSIC/DANCE: If u know me...n' know me well, you'll know that I love to dance! I doubt that I can survive an hour in the gym, but I'll survive on the dance floor, in my apartment...wherever there is good music...I'll survive. I'm a huge fan of Naija music...there's just something about the songs that make me wanna move n' groove. I think my boyfie worries much energy...he just sits and smiles n' lets me do me.

- NAIJA FOOD: If I were in Naija I know I would have put on weight for sure. I'm typing my mouth is watering n' wanting. Banga and Starch. Poundie n' Ogbono wiv assorted. Ofada rice n' peppered stew. Market rice (rice wrapped in leaf n' sold in the market or hawked around). Amala and Egusi or Ewedu. Kpomo joint. Turkey joint. Suya. Shawarma. Ppl need I continue? I dnt think so...u get the picture. iLove Naija food.

- ROMANCE/LOVE: Yes...yes...I am a sucker for all things love. And yes I know sometimes love comes around and it knocks us down, but I believe in getting up, dusting yourself off and getting back in the game (at your own pace o). Because when it's right, everything feels good. iLove romantic gestures, and i'm a PDA kinda girl...walking holding hands, stealing glances from across the room, butt- squeezing, yelz :D iLove it all. Muahz!!!

SHOPPING: this for me is a love/hate rship. I enjoy shopping when I'm not hungry, and when I can find things in my size and price range. When I can't find my size, it is very frustrating! If I have an occasion, I have to shop ahead of time just in-case I need to have the outfit fitted...I cnt just walk-in pick a dress and go. But that notwithstanding I love bringing home my shopping loot and trying stuff on and all that.

DULCE DE LECHE: My favorite ice-cream flavor at the moment. Pure bliss!!! I tell you...try it and you'll be convinced. Caramel goodness.

-   BMWs: I love Beamers! I can't explain what it is, but I just love 'em. And by God's grace I will own one! I know I will.  I want leather seats with the wooden, polished dashboard....yeah baby! 

-   HIS LIST:So I ran out of things iLove and I asked My Luv to help me out and he mentioned: Tennis, Conference call with my two girlies, dance "you dance like there is no tomorrow", lol his words!!! He also mentioned, flowers (red roses) and He sure does know me well...thanx babie.

So my dear B'ville, there you have it...a few of the Things iLove. Hope you enjoyed knowing a lil' bit about moi. Continue to have a fabulous week my luvlies.

And if you haven't done this meme, pls consider yourself tagged!!! Yes u! lol

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!


unspoken thoughtz said...

woohoo love beemers...especially the drop top 650i ;)
have a good week xoxo

Myne Whitman said...

Don't know about BMWs but I loev me some romance and love and surprises too. Naija food, now why did you have to go remind me? LOL...

Have a nice weekend and see you in NY next week.

shorty said...

I love Naija food and ice-cream, craving for some now, have to get some ice-cream tho not 9ja food.

Seeing you love suprises just reminded me of a friend she soo much hates suprises and i'm like WTF who doesn't like suprises!

Ms.O said...

Ohhh I lover Beamers too!!!! Aww you and your love are soo cute! :D have a good week mama! xx!

Fabulo-la said...

Oh. My. God. i love BMWs too! The purr of the engine..the feel of the leather against ur skin. When clutch and foot make contact and accelerator is prodded..DANG!

lol Ok I'll stop here. Lool

ShaneT_Rogers皇雯 said...


Sugarking said...

I love a chic that knows cars Jare! u too much!


I like this... especially the love/romance part. haha
Still loling at butt squeezing... what!? lol