Monday, April 16, 2012

Mundane Mondays

Happy New Week!

How's everyone doing? Hope great! Apologies for not blogging in weeks...but I've been here reading all your posts :)

What have I been up to the past few weeks? Well let's see...

Mama turned 60! :) We had dinner with a friend of hers at this vintage-y nice restaurant ( over looking the Hudson River. The view was really nice, and the food was good. It's always a pleasure to treat my mama. I've also noticed that lately I've just had this constant deep appreciation and admiration for her, for all she's done and continues to do. Don't get me wrong I always have, but lately just something different...maybe because I'll be moving out soon I'm noticing all the tiny things I'll miss about her and just how much of a hugeeeeee part of my life she is. :)

Work's been busy, and a little overwhelming...but lately I've been itching and twitching for a change. I think I want a new job. A different career path from what I'm currently doing. Don't get me wrong I am GRATEFUL to have this job, but I think I am slowly becoming more in tune with what my 'passion' is; what I enjoy doing and my mind is becoming restless, longing to begin a journey in that direction full time. But there's a huge change coming in the next few months that I need to take care of God needs to help me take care of first, before I can seriously focus on this career itch.

Speaking of change, remember in my last post I mentioned that I had been waiting on something for a long, long time and that D-day was coming? Yeah, well D-day was indeed the day that the Lord made, and we rejoiced and were glad in it! We got what we were pursuing, and thanks to it distance won't be a problem much longer, if you know what I mean ;) 

In other news, I am beginning to have mini quarter-life crisis outbreaks! Lol I don't know what it is about turning 25 that just makes people panic...and begin to wonder am I where I should be at this stage in my life? Should I be doing more? Have I checked off XYZ on my 'to-do-list? Is my life as I know it about to come to an end due to new responsibilities that I'm going to take on in this new phase of my life aka...marriage and kids... and we all know all the other numerous questions we ask ourselves as we approach the big 25. What are your thoughts on quarter-life crisis? How did you handle yours? Or is it just another obsession that society or maybe culture has succeeded in embedding into our subconscious?

I found this on BBM "A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything". I don't know who the words are by, but I have to say this is true to a large extent. Do you agree or disagree?

Its hard when you're mad at a loved one, but you can't express that anger the way you really want to sometimes - yelling profanities, cursing and just letting it  all roll of your tongue the way you want it to - because you're trying not to say something hurtful even though the origin of your anger is from them hurting/upsetting you. It sucks that it is the ones we love and care about who ultimately have the ability to hurt us more than a random stranger...such is life.

They say forgiving is easy, but forgetting is the difficult part; but how do you really forgive when you can't forget? Jesus be a fence!

Have a great week everyone!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!