Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ra Ra Randoms...

Hi Me Darlings,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is looking forward to a blessed week!
Thanks for the comments, and good wishes...much appreciated. Also welcome to the new followers, hope you enjoy sharing/reading  my journey.

Last week was CRAZY for me. I have this workshop class where we are working with am actual client and are currently in the early stages of trying to figure out what our "product" is, and it's driving me crazy. The client is a health advocacy group and so we are having trouble defining what the product is. This is why I'd rather work with clients that have tangible products like apparel, drinks, food...sha things that I can actually brand/position in the market...excuse my ad speak abeg...the thing just tire me.

In addition to the workshop class I had a couple of deadlines that I to meet...and my eleventh hour attitude almost had me having a panic attack! I no do again o! I have to start trying to get things done early...being just IN time is not good enough. So I gotta work on my time-management skills.

On a totally different note am I the only one who gets chills when during Praise & Worship in the middle of a song the keyboardist stops playing, and its just the drums (or sometimes no drums) and the choir or whoever is leading the session singing. Its like the song hits you deep within, and just unlocks the gate n' breaks dwn the walls u've put around ur trouble, ur worries, ur I'm so strong I won't break down persona...and you just want to literally fall down like a child at God's feet and weep ur burdens away. *sigh* 

Fall is here...:( I dnt like. But what can I do. #shrug

I have a new hobby/guilty pleasure...there's this furniture store opposite my church. After serviceI like walking in and looking at furniture sets. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, sleep sofas...etc. I jst like looking and picturing in my head what I wld do if I had my own place *sigh* :)

Arik Air is really going hard with their advertising/PR. They've been giving away two round-trip tickets at almost every Nigerian event this period. NEA events, Independence parties, you name it they are there. I looked at pics of their air-crafts and they look really neat and nice. I hope they stay around long enough because no other airline flies direct from New York to Lagos, and with such reasonable rates.

Tryna decide between getting Remy Saga or hair that's weighed/sold by the ounces. I usually dnt reuse Saga but the weighed one I think I can reuse even though I've never used it before. Awon hair-experts oya give ur 2cents biko.

So we turned 50 few days ago, and every I looked ppl just kept complaining about how Nigeria is this, Nigeria that... which is true. And then talking about how there's nothing to celebrate about being 50. I beg to differ. America didn't become what it is today at 50, it took longer than that. I know that our country has more potential and growth opportunities than our leaders allow us to have. I know we have no light, no water supply, no infrastructure, no security, and I could go on and on. I don't support the elaborate spending, but we don't stop living just because we haven't achieved much success. And for those of us who want change we have to start from ourselves... how about being on time for things, not two - three hours late and smiling at our lack of reliability and saying it's "Naija time". The little things count, maybe then the world begin taking us seriously too.

Anyways that's all folks...hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead...may we all be blessed and highly favored this week. 

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!