Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge + MrsCarterShow


It's been a hot minute! Well, that's what happens in the summer; time goes by so fast. Each weekend is filled with one activity or another and before you know it it's back to work again. And the cycle continues. Anyways hope everyone is having an awesome summer?! It's been a bit chilly here in NY. Okay, not chilly, chilly, but some kind of cool breeze has been in the air and I don't like it. Its a subtle reminder that the cold dog days of fall and winter are approaching...boo!boo!

I was in Houston two weekends ago for quick getaway to see family and to accompany my Oga to his friend's wedding. He was part of the grooms-men too. Although it was a very short trip, we had a good time. The one thing I love about Houston? The houses are s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s! I mean when I look at spaces in NY I'm like *sigh* sufferhead. I think I can live in Houston...keyword, I think. I hear the razzness/ratchet level (for lack of a better word) is quite high lol 

My swimming classes were going well, until the last class where the instructor took us to the deep end and asked us to...jump! I mean I knew I wouldn't die or anything like that, but still the fear of jumping into 9ft of water for a non-swimmer is as real as telling me to jump out of a plane without any parachute. Anyways I jumped and I'm alive; but while practicing how to come up and breathe while moving at the same time I drank lots of water :( . One thing I've learnt so far is to make sure my kids learn to swim early! This learning in my old age is not cool at all. Hopefully I get better before the sessions ends in a few weeks.

Why do single friends automatically think because a friend is in serious relationship they are no longer fun to hang out with? Does being in a relationship kill the fun vibe?

Was at the #MrsCarterShow yesterday! Amazing! I wasn't disappointed at all; except I was hoping Jay Z would make a brief appearance being that the show was in Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. But oh well, MrsCarter definitely shut it down! Got to give it to her, she's a performer! Nice way to start off my week.

I've always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Finally did on Sunday, after church with Oga. The weather was perfect and the view from up there was pretty cool. Took a few pictures...enjoy!

Brooklyn Bridge - Blue Skies :)

Walking across the bridge...

Our Feet...tired, but happy feet :)


Abi Tobi said...

lol at "swimming" my kids must learn early too! I tried to learn a few years ago and I actually finished the session (still, I can't swim :\ )

U sound like u are having such a good time! keep it going :D

Gee said...

Lol..I totally agree with y'all In NY and your sufferhead houses! hahah

Unknown said...

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