Thursday, June 27, 2013

What To Do...?

Hi Blogsville,

This week has been crazy busy at work *sigh* The kind of crazy where I forget to grab lunch and just work straight till 6.30pm. For someone who keeps shouting that she wants/needs to gain weight this is definitely not the way to accomplish that. I think the better solution would be to just move into Lohi's kitchen...:) abi what do you think? lol

Summer is finally here! My favorite time of the year. Funny how people complain about the cold and the minute it gets warmer they start complaining about the heat. I don't. I welcome the I'm just glad to not be layering up in order to keep warm. Dressing up in summer is fun; all the bright colors just automatically put you (or maybe its just me) in a better mood. Speaking of summer outfits, I've been liking harem pants a lot lately...for those times when you don't want to be in a skirt or dress, but its too hot for jeans.

Quick question, what hairstyle is advisable for someone who's going to be swimming weekly? Braids I'm guessing. Do swim caps really keep your hair from getting wet? Or just some of it? Excuse all the questions jare, this is why they say we black folks don't swim lol the prep work that goes into protecting our hair from water is plenty.

JoySmile+pic+73.jpg      imgres.jpg   imgres.jpg

imgres.jpg  or can I just fix a weave <<< and wear a swim cap and be alright? Help a sista out people!!!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like there's soo much on your plate/to-do list but not enough time! *sigh* The Lord is my strength! Amen!

Sometimes when I'm walking out of the subway, I always pray please let today not be the day that the person in front of me let's one rip (fart) no for real. Am I the only person who thinks that when walking up the stairs and there are people directly infront of u? Just me? Y'all are lying lol

My co-worker who recently got engaged was telling us how she started having panic attacks after putting together a rough estimate for the wedding lol and initially it was funny but mehn to cough up 30K - 50K in dollars for one weekend, and life will still go on after that weekend o. The couple will pay rent or buy house, pay bills, take vacation, plus maybe the student loans that they've acquired from undergrad or grad school? *sigh* No wonder some grooms frown during the wedding lol it's not easy.

Aiight's wayyy past my bed time! Enjoy the rest of the week and leave a comment so I know you were here ;) 

Hugs & Kisses,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Virginia's For Lovers :)

Hey Blogsville,

Does anybody still refer to these parts as 'blogsville'? Oh well, how's everyone doing? Can't believe it's Thursday already. This week infact this year has gone by fast. Can't believe in a few weeks it'll be a year since Oga Mi moved here! I catch myself smiling sometimes and wondering like 'he's here...he's here for real, to stay". God is good, too good!

This period through to summer is my favorite time of the year...something about warm weather, blue skies and the sun just makes me happy! 

Caught up with a very close friend from high-school and it was interesting and nice to see that even though we don't talk often the conversation felt like we hadn't missed a beat in each others lives...easy, natural, comfortable and genuine. I don't subscribe to that Drake's school of thought of 'NoNewFriends', but I have to say it seems like the older you get the harder it is to make friends. No? Maybe, its just me then.

Just downloaded pics from Memorial Day weekend, and shout out to whoever created the first camera (too lazy to look it up); to be able to capture special moments and relive that moment over and over long after is amazing. Oga Mi and I went on a roadtrip to VA for Memorial day weekend and stopped over in D.C on our way back...our first vacay.

We visited the Virginia Aquarium, some Naval museum and ship (Nauticus), and just generally explored the area and went to the beach, but the weather wasn't on it's best behavior.

Read something the other day that simple said (I'm paraphrasing here) the end of the day we are all trying to figure out how to live this life, and be happy and loved while doing so. I totally agree; it's just the way we go about it sometimes hurts others. I hope that as we try to figure out this thing called life, that we take a min to consider how our actions affect those around us. 

Case in point my dear roommate who is talking loudly on the phone @ 1.22am!!! Lol some of us want to sleep biko.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Hugs & Kisses,