Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey Blogsville,

So I woke up yesterday and a tweety bird told me that I got nominated!!! Yours truly was nominated for MOST ANONYMOUS BLOGGER...*does a lil' dance* Thank you to all those who took the time out to think of me, and then nominate me (Gee!!!)...I appreciate it. I have very wonderful bloggers in that category...and so it doesn't end here, the work begins...CAMPAIGNING!!!!

My beloved people of B'ville...the loyal residents and constituents of this great community, I implore you to please vote for me :) and encourage/coerce/bribe/manipulate/ (do whatever u possibly can) all those you know, to vote too. What do I have to give in exchange for this wonderful gesture? Ermmm...my continuous loyalty to the community, and sharing with you my sometimes interesting and sometimes not so interesting life experiences and gist sha...lol.

And if the above reason isn't good enough...then just for the fact that it's my birthday in about 9 days, should be enough motivation for you to vote abi? Come on make a sister's day and put a smile on my face...and even though I'm anonymous I promise to take a pic of my wonderful smile and post on here, if I win.

So I'm sure by now you get the koko of this post...it is simply VOTE MISS ENIGMA FOR MOST ANONYMOUS BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!

Visit here:http://nigerianblogawards.com/group-b/presenting-the-group-b-category-nominees/#comments

PS: Pls feel free to campaign for me on my behalf...muahz!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eating Vomit + Randoms

Hi Blogsville,

How's everyone enjoying the weekend? Hope u're enjoying the HOT weather and having a gud time. 

Thanks for all the comments on my last post...much appreciated. Talking about comments, Sting did a poll the other day about ppls views on blog owners replying comments and I was just wondering too if u guys would like me to reply ur comments on my posts, I dnt want ppl to think me not replying means I dnt care for ur comments cos I look forward to them big time. Also on comments, whats up with all these ppl who leave comments in Chinese abi na Japanese??? For crying out loud how am I supposed to understand what u're writing? Am I the only person who gets such comments???

It's my birthday in 10 days, and I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm normally excited about my b'day but this year, I'm not as uber-excited as I normally am...could it be getting old syndrome?lol...or brokage (the act of being broke) that's causing this? Neways, my friends will be around next weekend so we'll make the best out of it. We're attending the Naija Reunion concert and I'm majorly excited for that 'cos BankyW will be performing!!!! If u dnt knw, knw now that I have a huge crush on that man...e dey do me strong ting!lol

Went to Karaoke with Zena yesterday and had a blast! We went to this new karaoke bar in the city called U2 Karaoke Bar, it is run by Asians and the decor and setting is so cool...techno-lights, really nice individual rooms and ish, will definitely be going there again before the summer is over. 

So I jst read on twitter that M.I (Mr. Incredible) just booked an interview with Wendy Williams...I'm soo excited and happy for him. It's always a good thing when our own breaks barriers and are recognized...it gives me joy! At least if we cldn't rep for soccer that we claim to love, let us rep for our music industry.

#Random I was waiting for the train the other day and somehow got into a conversation with some old guy, only to find out he is the father of Essence Atkins, the actress. She has been in a couple of movies and series like Half & Half, Deliver Us from Eva...small world huh?lol

So I started this post on Sat., but its Sunday and I just got back from church and one of the verses from the sermon that hit me was from Prov. and I just wanted to share this with you guys: 
Prov 26:11 "As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness" 
As in, *sigh* the verse hit deep and hard. My Pastor went on to say that as children of God if we knew our worth, and what we/our Father is capable of we wouldn't return to our ways (vomit) because we would know that we deserve better and can have better. #nuffsaid
#Random but I think I'm going to be doing less of the talking and sharing, and more of the listening in all my relationships. Beginning to feel like I share too much and open up too much, and it comes back to bite me. We'll see.

Aiight guys...have a wonderful week ahead!!! And if anybody is coming into NY for the Reunion pls holla @ me. It'll be nice to meet up. 

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bus Trip: Destination >>> My Random Thoughts

*This is the last call for all passengers boarding this tour bus! This is your driver speaking, we are taking off from the Blogsville terminal and our destination is Miss Undercover's Head. Today, we'll be taking a trip to her head and visiting a few of the many random thoughts swirling around in there. Now buckle up and let's go!*

- Currently listening to MJ's Human Nature, and I can't believe he's actually gone, and its been almost a year already! Time does fly sha...and he's gone. *sigh*

- I actually dnt have friends. I mean, I knw people and if you ask us we wld describe what we have as friendship, but aside from my two close-friends, no other friends calls me (ok maybe two other people) or texts me. I'm wondering what went wrong? In pry sch I used to be a talkative, and was friends with everybody! So what happened? Did/Do I subconsciously push ppl away? Or is there an underlying fear of not being "good enuff"? I dread picking up calls or texting ppl not becos I dnt want to be friends, but I worry I'll run out of things to talk about; general girly gossip can only carry on for so long and in as much as I open up easily, I also do not open up easily. I know that's a contradiction in itself, and I wish I cld explain further *sigh* Let me try: so I cld sit with you and pour out the story of my life to you...and there are some times when I dnt say anything bcos I like having some form mystery or at least something I can have to myself alone. Ok this isn't making sense so I give up.

- So a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine said I judge. I tried to brush it off, but it got to me. I'm the most imperfect person u'll ever meet, and becos of my imperfections, I sometimes stay reserved and dnt share certain things becos I do not want to be judged, so to have someone say "I judge", I was taken a back. The said friend usually asks me for my take on things and after she said that, whenever she asks my POV I dnt say anything anymore...I jst shrug, and now I make a conscious effort not to care or ask about whatever she's up to, and it's hard becos we are supposed to be close, and now I'm being who I'm not. *sigh* I think its cos of this kind of unnecessary drama I stay away from people...talk about a vicious circle.

- I realized that my cooking skills are actually not as disastrous as I imagined they were...I'm my own worstest critic! Mediocre is aiight for everyone else, but me...lol. So yeah my cooking...my cooking list lacks variety tho :(. Aside from the basic Naija menu like jollof rice, fried rice, egusi soup, okro soup, ogbono soup, spaghetti and corn-beef, stew, vegetable stew...ermmm I pretty much cnt mke anything else and I want to be able to make my #dearfuturehusband happy in the food department. Make nice appetizers for him n' his friends when they come over to watch a soccer match, after a hard day's work and all. Neways, I'm working on it sha, following Ms. O and Avartsy's blogs.

- It's Father's Day today right? *sigh* well, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there, and to those that aren't fathers yet pls continue working on being the best Dad you can be...you might think daughters bond with their mothers more, but we hold a VERY special place in our hearts for our Daddies, and when you screw it up real bad *sigh* its hard, so hard for us to look at you the same. 

- So about my last post and the qstn of would you let ur man visit a strip club, and wld you go with him? If my boyfriend was interested and wanted to go with his guys, I'm fine with it, as long as its not an every weekend kinda thing. But its a no-no for the husband o!...lol...all that kinda fun ends on ur bachelor's eve! There are other ways to have a good time with the guys, and if the guys decide they want to head over to the strip club, tell them bye-bye, and I'll personally cater to you at home *wink*  So yea that's my two cents.

- I know May 2011 is a long, long way away but I can't wait...to graduate. Its been a long journey to get this Bachelors degree...*sigh* I've played that day over and over in my head...it will be icing on the cake if my sis, and the boyfie wld be able to make it...it would mean A LOT to me, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Dear Lord.

- Speaking of which, I know He hasn't abandoned me or forgotten about me, but there's just this disconnect somewhere. Normally when I feel like I'm far from home, I jst cry out and He comes and brings me back...but for longtime now it has just been silent. I don't know what I'm not doing right...or whatelse to do...but I really want to find my way home. There's a certain kind of peace and calm that takes over when I'm home, and I just knw that everything's gonna be alright because Daddy is in control...but I dnt feel that way and I miss it. So dear blogfam please intercede on my behalf.

- I wish during my yrs in Lagos I learned how to speak Yoruba :( iLove the way it sounds when it is spoken...the dramatic expressions and inflections. I hve an Edo uncle married to an Ibo lady and the one language they speak when they want to code things frm ppl around is Yoruba...it is beautiful to watch...especially since they both speak it with phonee. What language will I speak with my #dearfuturehusband? 

- I wish I knew how to make hair or had friends who did!!! I wldn't have to cough- up, $120 - $240 when I want to fix my hair! It is for this reason that I stick to my Dominican wash and set for $20- $25 bucks! Chei! If I was in Naij I wldn't be spending such ridiculous amounts oo!

- It's 1.51am and I'm still typing when I have service in the morning; I knw that even if I  go to bed now sleep won't cme so...oh well.

- I'm so mad I got a ticket while I was getting my hair done! Just becos of two quarters now I have to pay $30...If I swear for the ppl in office in this yeye NY; just milking every dime outta ppl like they are cows! A freaking monthly pass $90 and no discount for college students...mscheww.

As long as this post is, this isn't half of what is really on my mind...tsk tsk! Neways, its time for y'all to hop off the Miss Enigma express, and maybe we'll do this again someday in the near future.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone...and again Happy Fathers Day to the fathers, soon to be fathers and all.

PS: Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" jst came on...another one of my all time favorites!!! love love love!

Talk to you all soon,
Miss Enigma!                 

Friday, June 18, 2010

...Gentlemen's Club...

Hey Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? The weekend is here so that is definitely something to look forward to right? I'm glad for the weekend o, I can rest and recuperate from this nasty sore-throat/fever that had me in pains!!! Finally went to the docs office, and got antibiotics and the pain has gone down; at least now I can talk and swallow saliva (sorry to gross u out). Its funny how u overlook certain things until u're hit with rough patches. I'm grateful for good health o! I'll mke sure to not tke it for granted again.

Thanks a lot to SuperMom for taking the day off work to nurse me, drive me to the docs office, the pharmacy and drop/pick me up from school. And the banging pepper-soup she made to mke me feel better. I pray for long-life, so that my kids will meet you and learn from you...Mummy u no get part II, u too much!!!!

My weekend getaway was nice! I had a great time, made new friends and just lounged. Cldn't do the para-sailing and jet-skiing cos they ddn't hve them anymre. But all in all we had a good time, beach chilling, hot-tub lounging, clubbing...and ermmm I went to a nude "Gentlemen Club" for the first time...lol. (dnt judge me!) And it was interesting to see the men standing there like statues like we've seen too much of this to be moved. And I have to say that some of those girls have skillllssss! The things they can do hanging upside down on a pole...I was like wow! Plus the things the men allow the girls to do to 'em in the name of couch dance...chei...odikwa brutal! Spanking with belt, ripped boxers, jumping on the crown jewels...it looked mre like pain than pleasure to me sha.

On our way back from the club, my friends and I were talking and wondering; "Would you let your man, boyfie, SO, hubby...etc go to one of such clubs?" and "Would you rather go with him or let him go by himself?"  My blogfam what are your candid thots/opinions pls share.

PS: Alcohol is not your friend! At least not mine sha; talk about liquid courage! Smh!lol

U knw where two or three females are gathered, the conversations are endless! So during one of our rship convos these came up:
- Why do ppl stay in abusive rships, even after they have sworn that if such a thing were to happen, they'd pack their things and keep it moving regardless of how hard it might be. And we're not talking about unemployed, uneducated or financially dependent women...but the opposite. Plus there is no marriage or children to use as the excuse. #justwondering

- Another topic of discussion was "love ain't gonna put food on the table". So I heard that there are sme guys who choose to be lazy and or under the notion that if a chic loves them enough, she'll settle into a life of suffer-head...in the name of love? Lol...jokers! Nobody likes to suffer, everybody wants some of comfort in this life...and therefore they work towards it. The guy (or girl sef) who thinks he/she can sit on their lazy behind and manna will fall from above is in lala-land. These days everyone has to know what they are bringing to the table/relationship... the days of monkey dey work baboon dey chop are over! And it is not enough to just have potential; what are you doing with that potential? What moves are you making to make ends meet? A lot of people hang in there in the name of potential...and then patience runs out, potential is not yielding anything...what next? 
Nobody was born with suffer-head on their fore-head, so please lets make sure we are bringing something to the table/relationship if not, love can only get us so far.

In other news, I hear/see that Category B for the blog awards is out. *cough cough* My people of B'ville...my loyal readers, silent loyal readers, regular comment leavers, even those that are not fans sef...biko proceed to the blog awards page and nominate a sister for something naaaa haba? I don dey blog reach one year so I am old enough to be recognized abi? Infact for those that love me well, u can campaign for me.

Oya follow these links to nominate: http://nigerianblogawards.com/

Aiight people...have a wonderful weekend, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

U have a Man...So What???

Hello B'ville...
How's everyone doing? Hope your week has been great! And as usual I'm sure we're all counting down to the weekend, at least I know I am. My girlies and I (and a few other people from out of town) are having a little weekend getaway. Casino. Beach. Partying. Margaritas/Pina Coladas. Parasailing. Jet-Skiing. *sigh* I so cannot wait.

Anyways, the other day I was reading SBM.org and the topic was "Yes...I Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend" and it was talking about how to let a guy/girl know that you are unavailable to prevent them from hitting on you. After reading the post, I'm still not sure what is the proper/polite way of dropping the hint without screaming "I Have a Boyfriend!!!"...lol. Because sometimes it's as if some guys are either deaf, have selective hearing or just enjoy being stubborn and relentless for this matter. And then there are the ones that flirt with you, give you all the signs that they are slowly approaching the "I want to be more than friends phase" or "U have a man...so what???" phase, and the minute you try to set them straight and nip that ish in the bud, they deny it; you go come be like say na for your dream you dey imagine things. You almost begin to wonder if you were the one over analyzing things, or whether you don dey craze small small.

I just recently experienced two different situations. Guy A, I met two years ago on a connecting flight to Naija. Couple of very casual how r u, wats new phone conversations within the past two years, and nothing mre o. Next thing dude says he's gonna be in NY and wants to take me to dinner. If to say he say quick lunch or coffee (I dnt drink coffee sha) e for dey manageable...but dinner ke? I'm like sorry that's not possible...he goes on to start spitting lyrics that he knows I'm in a rship, but he is willing to accept whatever I have to offer. Lol...dude, I ain't got nothing to offer u bikonu, not even friendship because from there na other story I go hear. Fwd to last month, he wants me to cme and spend Memorial weekend in ATL...laff nor let me laff. And what am I supposed to tell my boyfie I'm going to do in ATL?Long story short, no deleted. Calls ignored. I nor fit shout.

Guy B, met on twitter, funny n' cool dude. Next thing o boy goes from first name bases to affectionate nick-names;*raised eyebrow* but I'm like no shaking everybody is a dear, darling n sweerie these days so no wahala. But when I refuse to follow bros talk on top skype, kata kata come burst o. I'm like can we keep this strictly twitter n BBM...dude becomes withdrawn and less-friendly, and said why do I have to pull the "I have a boyfriend line". *kanyeshrug* Guy no vex o, dem say prevention is better than cure...I'm only trying to prevent any misunderstanding down the line a beg u. In the words of My Luv, "lead us not into temptation is better than deliver us from evil..."

So my B'ville family what is the correct or less direct way of nipping ish in the bud before it gets unnecessarily complicated. And I understand that (maybe) not every guy is interested in being more than friends, but for the ones that you can tell have an agenda;
- How do you set awon guys straight? 
- And when a guy is being overly persistent and you've done all you can to no avail, do you hand over to your significant other to handle the situation or keep 'em out of the picture? 
- And for the guys that claim not to have an agenda, why una dey vex when babe talk say she get man and nor dey interested in any wuru wuru rumu rumu runs? #justsaying

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this, so share your experiences and my blogsville men come and answer oo, calling on SugarKing, DBagucci, Blogoratti, Dynamique Prof, Scribbles, David, and all the other guys (can't remember names ryt now).

In other news, if anyone is coming to NY to visit and wants to hangout, holla @ me. Y'all shd come see the FELA show on Broadway; I plan on seeing it b4 the end of the summer. Friend of mine saw it and gave it great reviews, plus the media has been raving about it too...support your own! And Congratulations to the award winners!!! I berra be a nominee next year o if not ...well make we dey look sha.

Catch y'all next week when I return from my getaway. Have a wonderful weekend ahead, and pray for someone...intercede on someone's behalf.

Talk you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!